faruk mandal

Faruk Mandal

Full Stack Web Developer With WordPress

Dhaka Bangladesh



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Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1997 August 12
  • Marital: Single
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi


Hi I’m A Freelancer . I work in Fiverr Upwork Merketplace. I’m Full Stack Web Design & Developer with WordPress. WordPress Customization , WP development , elementor , wp-bekary , fution builder ,plugin , wp security , site clone , site migrations work in this feild over 4 years.

Hi I’m A Freelancer . I work in Fiverr Upwork Merketplace. I’m Full Stack Web Design & Developer with WordPress. WordPress Customization , WP development , elementor , wp-bekary , fution builder ,plugin , wp security , site clone , site migrations work in this feild over 4 years.

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FromSep 2016ToPresent


NewWaySoftDhaka Bangladesh

Full Stack Web Devoloper With WordPress

Hi I’m Professional Full Stack Web Designer & Developer.I will work in WordPress Elementor Wp Bekary Fusion builder plugin install html css php mysql java script jquary boostrap Wp security Wp site Migration and any more services.

FromAug 2016ToPresent


Upwork FiverrDhaka Bangladesh


Hi I’m A Professional Freelancer . I will work in wordpress theme customizing and developing.Wordpress Migration ,Wordpress Security,Elementor page builder , wp Bekary, Fusion Builder ,Site clone etc.



Creative-BDDhaka Bangladesh

Graphics Designer

Hi I’m A Professional Graphics Designer. Logo , Bannar , Flyer , Poster , PSD , Business Card Design , Calendar Design Etc.





  • EnglishEnglish:Conversional
  • BangaliBangali:Advanced
  • HindiHindi:Basic




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